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At Telegraph Jobs, we aim to help job seekers find the best job for them. Whether you are looking for advice on a career move or need help in improving your CV for better job opportunities, we are here to help. We can provide you the guidance you need during your job search, with expert help and the latest job and career news in the market. We have a range of articles and job descriptions that are tailored to help you with your job application process and to further your knowledge through tips and techniques. Find the solutions you need in our latest careers advice articles below.

  • IT Support Job Description
    With global markets becoming reliant on technology, IT support is vital to the sector. Find out more about the job description in IT Support.
  • Executive coaches develop clients’ leadership skills by using a variety of coaching methods, find out more about these methods and skills.
  • Find out the job description of a Maintenance Worker. Typical job role, work environment, average salary and skills needed.
  • If you want to be a teacher in education you will need qualifications. Find out how to become a teacher and the PGCE - Postgraduate Certificate in Education.
  • Explore what warehouse operations are all about. What an operative job involves, the responsibilities and skills required for this type of work.
  • A healthcare operations manager acts as a liaison between the clinical staff and the recipients of healthcare services. Find out more about their job description.
  • Jobs in the education sector are often demanding but also fulfilling. Find out the benefits of working in education.
  • The Telegraph Jobs Average Engineer Salary guide explores the range of engineering salaries in the industry. Find out which positions pays more.
  • Explore the UK Construction industry and find out what job skills you need to work in it.
  • Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Explore what leadership is and how best to improve this area in your job.
  • Explore what property management is. What it involves, types of jobs, benefits of work and salary expectations.
  • Top 50 Women in Engineering 2017 Supplement
  • Are you about to interview for a Job? Explore our interviewing preparation tips that can guide you on your way.
  • Are you working as a Manufacturing Manager or want to become one? Find out today what average salary you can expect to earn yearly.
  • Need some tips for your next interview? Explore 50 of the best interview tips we have to offer. The do's and the don'ts that can land you a job.
  • Find out how much you could potentially earn, on average, as an Operations Manger and explore the path to higher ranks and pay.
  • Explore the role of Automotive Directors and find out what types there are and how much they could potentially earn in salaries.
  • Looking for a new job? The first step is to produce an outstanding CV that highlights your key skills. Find out our tips on how to list your skills in our latest article.
  • Explore the traits of successful managers and find out what what can make you succeed in your management position.
  • Find out the traits of a CEO. Personality, emotional and leadership traits. Explore the traits you need for a senior executive job.